About us

    Welcome to our webpage!

    You are on the personal website of  Lithuanian flowers collector and hybridizer Antanas Markevičius.

    We are the small flowers farm, focused on the development of newest flowers varieties. Flowers are my hobby and partially my work. I have about 1500 varieties of flowers in my garden, and every year I supply my collection by nowelties. We work with flowers since 1986...
    There are a lot varieties of gladiolus, dahlias, daylilies, irises, tulips etc.
    The glads and daylilies are our favourite flowers; also, we try create new hardy spurias varieties, which could grow in our harsh climatic condicions.

    We are pleased to co-operate  with collegues-hybridizers from various countries around the world. Exange of information, planting stock, seeds - it is important to us all. Allways welcome Your letters and we are ready to help as we can.