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Kaunas, Lithuania

About us

Welcome to our webpage!


You are on the personal website of  Lithuanian flowers collector and hybridizer Antanas Markevičius.


I own a small flower garden, focused on the development of newest flower varieties. Flowers are my hobby and my partial work. I grow about 1500 varieties of flowers in my garden expanding my collection with novelties every year. I've been working with flowers since 1986.


I have got a lot of different varieties of gladiolus, dahlias, daylilies, irises, tulips, etc.


The glads and daylilies are my favourite flowers; I also work on creating new hardy spurias varieties that would be able to grow in our harsh climate.


I always look forward to co-operate with collegues hybridizers from different countries around the world. Exange of information, planting stock, seeds is important to us all. I always welcome your letters and I am ready to help to the best of my ability.