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All international orders (in EU) are shipped by postage.


To U.S. or Canada we send mostly only cormels (bulblets) of our new unique gladiolus varietes. If you want to buy corms, please, contact us no later than middle of November.


Corms of nearly all varieties we have only in small quantities, so we can't guarantee that we always have the largest corms size.

For customers from EU countries we can send nearly anything we have in our collection: beardless irises, daylilies, and gladioli corms.
Contact us by e-mail for more information about shipping costs. Note that all shipping costs are paid by customer.

All prices in our catalog (EN) are given in EUR

Minimum international order is 50,00 EUR (plus shipping and phytosanitary certificate, if it is necessary).

Glads prices
You can see the short description of gladiolus varieties in our catalog (in bold). For example:


393 WINNETOU (Markevičius 1994 VE) 0,40 EUR

0,40 EUR is the price of one I size bulb or 10 cormels. Accordingly the prices of  II, III and IV sizes will be 85% , 70% and 60%  of I size price.


I – more, than 3,2 cm
II  2,5 – 3,2 cm
III  2,0 – 2,5 cm
IV  1,5 – 2,0 cm


Blooming season: VE – very early,  E – early, EM – early midseason,  M – midseason,  LM – late midseason